Combined Grades

Mackenzie Elementary

In some schools in the RCDSB, it may not be feasible to offer separate classes for every grade at the elementary level.  

In such cases, a single class can be organized to serve more than on group of students across grades or course types.  In combined grades classes, the expectations and assessment and evaluation procedures for each grade or type of course are clearly outlined.

For additional information on combined grades, see the Ontario Ministry of Education document, An Introduction to Combined Classrooms.

Mackenzie Secondary

In some of our RCDSB secondary schools it is necessary to combine classes across grades or learning pathways to ensure that we have a full offering of courses for all students.  

For example, Academic and Applied pathway students could be in the same classroom, so you might have Academic and Applied students in one grade nine geography class.  All students are in the same grade but are enrolled in a different pathway.

 In other cases you could see grades combined in a subject.  For example, students in grades eleven and twelve might be in one music class.  Each group works with the appropriate grade level curriculum and assessment and evaluation procedures for their grade level.

Combining pathways or grades in one class allows the school to offer more courses to their students.