Grad Awards

Mackenzie Community School (MCS) graduation awards are made possible through the continued support and interest of individuals, organizations, businesses and industries in our community. They contribute to our awards program on a continual basis.

Application forms for bursaries, scholarships and other graduation awards are available from Student Services. Students applying should read the forms for instructions on where to submit their applications. 

Graduation Awards

Potential candidates for Graduation Awards are put forward by staff to the Grad Committee, and the winners selected according to the relevant criteria as described below. Please note that this list may change from year to year and students are advised to check with Student Services for the latest available awards, scholarships and bursaries.


This scholarship is presented to a graduating student, who, like Danusia, shows a caring nature, participates in student activities, is a good student and plans to continue his/her education in the Arts or Sciences at university.


This award is presented  to 1 male and 1 female student attending post-secondary studies in any field, that have been very involved in the extra-curricular sports program at MCS. 


Must be enrolled in Nursing Program, i.e. Registered Nurse, Registered Practical Nurse or Personal Support Worker.  Preferably enrolled at Algonquin College in Pembroke and/or University of Ottawa in Pembroke.


This scholarship is presented to a grad that has demonstrated consistent effort in his/her academic work, whose efforts might not otherwise be recognized and has shown citizenship both in and outside of school.


Awarded to a conscientious student who has a minimum average of 80% (some flexibility).  Student has made some contribution to the extra-curricular life at school (not necessarily limelight).  A student who has received no monetary award and is continuing to a post-secondary institution.  Hopefully, he/she will display Margaret's qualities (shy, hardworking, moral virtues.)


Awarded to a graduating student who has demonstrated perseverance and commitment to academic proficiency.  The recipient of the Award will be accepted into post-secondary studies and will reflect Moe's character, his passion for life, his curiosity about the world and new ideas, his courage to question, his tireless help to those around him, and his dedication and determination to reach his goals.



A student who has demonstrated a profound natural ability that is recognized by their faculty and their peers but may choose to put the needs of others before their own.




Candidates for this award are grade twelve students leaving high school who, in the course of their high school years:

1. have been noticed by teachers for reading books with close attention and a distinct ability to avoid distraction while reading and;

2. can satisfy the selecting committee of the understanding and awareness they gained by reading FOUR or more books outside the school curriculum, at least one from each of sections a and b:

a) works of great literature (both Canadian and from other countries) that contribute to a deeper awareness of the human experience throughout history and the present; and

b) works of non-fiction by serious writers and critical thinkers -- about the multiple issues confronting humanity at present that call for critical thought.

If in a given year no candidate can meet the criteria or if no one applies, the award will not be given.


This award is presented to a graduating student who intends to pursue a post secondary education.  Only those students who, according to staff, have been outstanding in their endeavours at school and in the community will be considered.  The criteria for the Staff Award is:

  1. Extra-curricular involvement in sports, teams, or individual clubs;
  2. Attitude and influence on peers;
  3. Attitude in class, influence on class spirit;
  4. Time and effort put into extra-curricular not recognized as official clubs;
  5. Community involvement and contribution;

There WILL be a run-off vote among the top candidates for the Staff Award.


Honour Roll Certificates

MCS presents honour roll certificates for students in Grades 9 to 11 who achieve Level 4 (an academic average of 80% or higher) in multiple courses. The certificates are presented in the fall of the following academic year. Certificates can be:

  • Gold - student achieves an honours standing in 6 out of 8 courses
  • Silver - student achieves an honours standing in 5 out of 8 courses
  • Bronze - student achieves an honours standing in 4 out of 8 courses