French Immersion/Extended French

Based on interest, Mackenzie Community School (MCS) offers an Extended French program for grades 5-8. Any student may enroll who meets the eligibility criteria. 

Students who opt for Extended French receive 150 minutes/week in addition to the 120 minutes/week offered in Core French. Extended French grade 5/6 students take Social Studies in French, while Extended French grade 7/8 students take History in French.

Parents/guardians and students do not have to speak French at home. Students enrolled in Extended French benefit from strong organizational skills as information is often presented at a faster pace. A keen motivation to learn French is also beneficial.

The Middle French Immersion program will begin September 2021 for grades three to seven, please click here for further information.


Students who wish to apply for Extended French must meet the following criteria:

  • Acceptable performance in the regular academic program and acceptable learning skills;
  • A satisfactory degree of student motivation and commitment;
  • Acceptable performance in French as a Second Language (FSL) core program;
  • Joint decision by parents/guardians and students;
  • The recommendation of the FSL teacher and principal; and
  • Support at home that encourages learning and effort.

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