Student Council

Secondary Student Council

MCS Secondary Student Council is the heart of our school spirit! Each spring, interested candidates run campaigns to convince the student body to vote for them, and an election assembly is held where ballots are cast. The elected positions are President, Treasurer, Secretary, Social Convenor and Events Co-ordinator. Frequently, students share the positions, so we may have co-presidents or co-events co-ordinators, for example.

Student Council represents the interests of the student body. They assist with organizing our school's Spirit activities and events such as the Mustangs football rally, dances, Purple and Gold Day, MOGA and Decades Week. MCS has been fortunate to have consistently elected an enthusiastic, creative, and energetic group for Student Council, and 2019/2020 is no different.

Secondary Student Council for 2019/2020:

Co-Presidents: Ethan Karivelil and Katia Korolevych
Secretary: Kelly Ding
Treasurer: Jennifer Ji
Social Convenors: Andrea Geiger and Hannah Ward
Events Co-ordinators: Breena Chaput and Kiley Sims

Elementary Student Council

Elementary Student Council meets regularly with a teacher advisor to plan elementary events and Spirit Days such as Jersey Day, Purple and Gold Day, Twin/Triplet Day and Wacky Hair Day. Some events are co-ordinated with the Secondary panel.

Student Council elections will be held in September. All students in grades 4 to 8 will receive a ballot and will vote in their classrooms. Candidates will run campaigns and may make short speeches during morning announcements on the day of the vote. Best of luck to everyone who runs.   

Elementary Student Council for 2019/2020:

President - Emma Stuart
Vice-Presidents - Ava Chen, Savannah Davenport
Social Conveners - Grace Ding, Hala Zahlan
Character Ed - Sitara Mistry, Wynn Champman
Athletic Reps - Lathen Blommaert, Leo Steer