Secondary Performing Arts

TACO (Drama)

TACO stands for Mackenzie's Theatre Arts Company, our drama group. Every fall, TACO puts on a major production for the community - you have probably been to one of the plays over the years. This is another large group that has places for people with many different interests, from actors and actresses to lights and sound, set construction and set painting, stage crew, costume design, makeup and hairstyling. TACO usually competes in the Sears Drama Festival. In the past, the club was honoured with several awards at both the District and Regional festivals including awards of merit for sound and lighting, award of excellence for directing, and an award of excellence for the ensemble.  

Band and Choir

In addition to its regular music program, Mackenzie counts itself fortunate to offer its students the opportunity of extra-curricular music in the form of both Band and Choir. Through these outlets, students have many opportunities to develop and share their musical talent with parents, peers, community and farther afield on trips and at festivals. In past years, MCS choirs and band competed at the Kiwanis Festival in Pembroke, placing first in all divisions.