Elementary Clubs


The elementary Math Club runs once a week during the morning recess and nutrition breaks. It is open to all students from Grades 3 to 8 who wish to stretch their thinking and mathematical skills. Along with providing questions which broaden imagination and thinking skills, students are encouraged to work co-operatively to solve problems. 

The younger students are led by Mrs. C. Waddington (MCS teacher), and recent topics investigated have included logic problems, magic squares, mazes and geometrical visual puzzles.

The older students are led by Mr. G. Waddington (AECL). Recently, older students have been studying proof and applications of the Pythagorean theorem and arithmetic series. 

Students also have the opportunity to challenge the Brock University Caribou Mathematics Competition, headed by volunteer Mrs. S. Dunford. The competition is a worldwide online contest held six times throughout the school year, and is offered at the grade levels 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8, as well as in the secondary grades.

Our students find these contests fun and challenging, with each level of questions building on the previous level, so the Grade 11/12 contests have some of the same questions as the Grade 3/4, for example. It's fun to see how the young students solve the same problems in their own way compared to the senior students.

Math Club accepts new members any time. Check us out some time, or see Mrs. Waddington for more information.


In 2013, Mackenzie Community School's elementary panel joined the community service initiative already well established in the secondary panel with the Interact Club, and formed an EarlyAct Club. 

EarlyAct activities help students to gain an increased awareness and knowledge of their community and the world. EarlyAct teaches caring and compassion and prepares students to assume leadership roles, while teaching the importance of recognizing the dignity and worth of every individual.