Early Learning

Mackenzie Community School has been offering the Early Learning Kindergarten Program (ELKP) since September 2010.

The Early Learning Kindergarten Program (ELKP) is a full-day, every day Kindergarten for four and five year olds. Class sizes are limited to approximately 26 students with an educator team of a Kindergarten Teacher and an Early Childhood Educator.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Establish a strong foundation for the early years by providing young children with an integrated day of learning;
  • Provide a play-based learning environment;
  • Help children make a smoother transition to Grade 1;
  • Improve children's prospects for success in school and in their lives beyond school.

The play-based learning program provides children with developmental opportunities in six areas of learning:

  1. Personal and social development;
  2. Language;
  3. Mathematics;
  4. Science and technology;
  5. Health and physical activity; and
  6. The arts.

For additional information regarding ELKP, you can visit the Ontario Ministry of Education website.



School entry is a major milestone in a child's life, as well as for the parents.  Like a rite of passage, the parents welcome the school community as partners in their child's lifelong learning.  What an exciting time!  Yet, there can be such anxiety triggered by uncertainty and a change of routine in what had been a familiar and predictable life for the child.

KINDERGARTEN TRANSITION was designed to provide support to children entering Kindergarten and their parents.  It offers concurrent programming for the families and it is offered at Mackenzie Community School in June before school entry the following September.

As parents get acquainted with the Early Learning Kindergarten Program, their children engage in play-based learning activities in the FEN room.  Find out different ways on how the entire family can do a Countdown to Kindergarten until that first day of school in September.  Get in the know where your child is at developmentally so you can set the stage for meaningful learning for your child and his/her success in school and in life.  Use the Countdown to Kindergarten booklet below with its check lists and various play-based activities, as well as tips for successful school entry and the first day of school.  Kindergarten Transition is made possible through a partnership with FEN Early Years Deep River and Mackenzie Community School.  For more information please contact FEN Early Years at (613) 584-4886 or email us at